Semi-Guided Deer Hunt

$3,500.00 4 days

Total flat rate is $14,000 for 4 day/3 night trip

  • $3,500 deposit due at time of booking
  • Remaining $10,500 is due before trip begins
  • Includes knowledgeable local guide to lead your outings
  • Includes transportation to stands
  • Includes assistance with recovery of game
  • Includes assistance with cleaning and transportation to processor
  • Includes access to other blinds and hunting properties
  • Deer are fed all year
  • Fishing included
  • Limited to 4 total hunters
  • Whitetail deer limit: 1 buck, 1 doe (per person)
  • All varmints included, unlimited number
  • 5 total hunts over 3 days
  • No trophy fees
  • Contact us for youth-only hunts

Deer are one of the most iconic big game animals in North America, and North Texas has some of the best whitetail hunting around. If you’re looking for a Texas hunting excursion that has it all, look no further than TZ Bar!

Flat rate for 4 day / 3 nights (Thursday-Sunday) is $14,000
Up to 4 hunters can be in party
25% non-refundable deposit due at time of booking ($3,500)
Remaining amount of $10,500 is due before trip begins

  • This semi-guided deer hunt includes an overview of the blinds, transportation to the blinds, assistance with recovery and transportation to processing, as well as of all other properties
  • Hunts include 1 buck and up to 1 doe per person. No trophy fees
  • You can shoot all varmints, and as many hogs as you want
  • Fishing in the 18 acre spring-fed lake is included (bass, crappie, catfish, panfish)
  • Morning hunts begin at sunrise, and evening hunts end at sunset